The PS-TIE Spotlight - Where Members Shine

The PS-TIE Member and Business Spotlight is a place of honor on the home page banner of the website. There is no other place on the website that will get you more recognition and exposure. And this is the place we reserve for our most notable members.

In selecting who will appear in the PS-TIE Spotlight, we look for members or businesses that meet certain criteria, including the following:Here are some of the newsletter's most popular features:

  • Achievement of all PS-TIE Badges
  • A story or accomplishment that would inspirate or help empower others
  • Nominiation by someone who has benefited from your mentorship or expertise
  • Own a business or provide a product or service that is making a difference to others
  • We've noticed that your profile deserves special recognition
  • You've submitted a request that either meets the above criteria or that you feel qualifies you personally, your business, someone else as a Spotlight candidate.

You can nominate someone whom you feel is a deserving candidate, or send a request for you or your business to be considered.

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